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StatusPanda emails your team members on your behalf to ask them for a quick status update, then emails you back a status report about all your projects and team members

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Set it and forget it!

Just tell StatusPanda how frequently you want to ask for status updates, whom to ask it from, and whom to send status reports to. Then go on with your business, and it will automatically do all the work for you.

Everyone is automatically onboard!

StatusPanda works through email, so your team doesn't need to learn new tools, or to remember additional logins. Anyone can receive status requests and reports without needing an account.

Ask your team any question!

Choose from popular status request templates, or create a Google Form with your specific questions, and StatusPanda will embed it in the status request email.

Do you know what's going on with your projects every day?

Most managers track the progress of current projects and team members by manually sending emails evert week, and collecting answers in spreadsheets. Even worse, some managers are not tracking weekly project progress at all!

Wasting valuable time by manually sending emails to collect status updates to know what's going on with each project, instead of spending time getting future clients.

Missing deadlines by not knowing a delay in a project until it is too late, causing the team to miss the deadline, and risking losing existing clients and future business.

Going over budget and suffering shrinking profit margins due to inaccurate estimates and inefficient allocation of your team's time slows down the growth of your business.

Here is How StatusPanda Works

You track a new project or a milestone in StatusPanda by selecting which team members to ask for a status update, and which managers will receive the weekly status reports.

StatusPanda will email your team regularly to request status updates for each project. They submit their status and notes right within the email, and without leaving their inbox!

StatusPanda will then send you a status report with everyone's progress. If some team members did not respond to the email, StatusPanda will remind them once more.

You can also dig deeper into past status updates, and use these analytics and insights for performance evaluation and future planning.

You will love StatusPanda because:

StatusPanda is effective, easy to manage, unobtrusive, and transparent. I've used it with many projects, and it does exactly what it says: emails my team, then gathers, compiles, and reports on the projects' statuses.
Dr. John Fox, Ph.D., M.B.A.
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